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Welcome to our “Ships and Migrants to Albertland” database. Search thousands of entries for your Albertland relatives and discover which ship they travelled to New Zealand aboard using our online form.

All you need to enter is a last name and you’re seconds away from finding your Albertland ancestors who came here to settle in the 1860’s. Once you’ve discovered relations, you can search the rest of our site for other exciting information relating to these people.

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Our collection of archival information is extensive thanks to Albertland descendants sharing their photographs, family trees and other documents with us. We’re dedicated to updating our records, so if you have any information relating to the Albertlanders that you would like to share get in touch.

The 150th re enactment took place at Te Hana Te Ao Marama Easter 2012. Any queries about ships and migrants to Albertland or about any other information on our website, contact us today – we’re happy to help.