Sawmills to Sawblades

Our new exhibition now in the Harold March Gallery


When the Albertlanders first arrived in the district much of their allotted land was clothed in magnificent Kauri forest. Milling the timber was an important income stream and “enterprising pioneers” soon established Sawmills. As well we feature a modern day “enterprising pioneer” who established a saw blade business in Wellsford.

Not to be missed, this exhibition takes you through time displaying an exciting mix of photos, Bushmen’s stories and exhibits bringing to life our early settlers’ connections to the timber industry. From felling huge trees with hand axes, hauling out the logs with bullock teams, rafting logs to the timber mills and loading three masted sailing ships heading to far off shores like Sydney and San Francisco. Then a glimpse of our modern day enterprising pioneer who established the Izard Irwin saw Blade Company providing employment to so many locals. He once said “I want people to bang on the doors to get in, but they can’t because no-one wants to leave”